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Risk or Opportunity

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October 2014
Certain fancy colored diamonds exhibit a second color moderator, either brown or brownish, or gray and grayish. Their effect on price can at times be dramatic. In Part I of a two-part series, the impact of the browns is considered.


The abuse of all that is natural   
How far do we have to go with treatments before we must discard the sacred word 'natural'? Could a product made up of disparate pieces of corundum that are held together by leaded glass ever really qualify?

A gem match for every Pantone color trend   
As it does each year, the Pantone Color Institute has released its forecasts for color fashion trends in Spring 2015. Using Gemewizard's technology, we suggest corresponding gemstones for each of them. Part I of a two-part series looks first at men's fashion. 


Pink diamonds return to spotlight as fall auctions begin

Analysts speculate that an 8.41-carat pink diamond may obtain one of the three highest per-carat prices ever paid at auction

Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris showcases world's most exclusive gems and jewelry 

Returning after a 12-year absence was Lawrence Graff, who put on show his Royal Star brooch, which featured the 107.46 carat Graff Sunflower diamond.  

Jeweler and actress collaborate to create gem-rich Butterfly Ballerina brooch
The brooch includes three cut fancy brown diamonds weighing 26.27 carats, three rough brown diamond slices weighing 47.71 carats, and three conch pearls. 


122.52-carat blue diamond sells for 'disappointing' $27.6 million  
The blue stone, which was extracted at the Cullinan Mine in South Africa, is one of fewer than five blue diamonds weighing more than 100 carats ever discovered.


Pink diamond iPhone 6 now being offered, for a mere $48.5 million 
The pink diamond iPhones are top of the line, but if your tastes are a bit more modest, the blue diamond iPhone 6 is available at $32.5 million and the orange diamond iPhone 6 at $42.5 million.



Argyle's 2014 fancy color tender includes four rare red diamonds

In the 30 year history of Rio Tinto's annual sale, only nine fancy reds have been put on tender and fewer than 30 have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America. 



Spectacular Purple Orchid diamond matches 2014 color of the year 

The 3.37-carat, VS2, fancy intense pinkish-purple stone was found at a mine in South Africa, which is one of handful of facilities known to yield diamonds that are purple in hue.

Turkish mining company donates color changing Csarite gems to GIA museum
Also known as Turkish diaspore, Csarite is a natural color change gemstone that is found at only one source deep in the Anatolia Mountains of Turkey.  


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