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July/August/September 2013

For the benefit of our readers we decided to catch up with gemstone price changes recorded over the past quarter, by analyzing the data contained in our GemePrice survey system. For the most part, a clear upward tendency was evident.


Gemstones under the loupe in the Netherlands   
A variety of colored gemstones, as well as diamonds, amber and pearls, were brought into focus at the 5th European Gemological Symposium, which took place in the Netherlands in June, writes our guest blogger Dr. Hanco Zwaan.

A green surprise from chrome diopside   
Every now and then a less common stone is submitted for inspection, heightening our passion for gem research. Most recently it was a  2.3-carat green diopside that demonstrated that variety is really the spice of life. 


Rare blue diamond expected to fetch record price in Hong Kong

The Premier Blue is vivid blue in color, round-cut and weighs 7.59 carats. It is expected to fetch about $19 million, or a record-breaking $2.5 million per carat. 

Illegal smuggling playing havoc with Africa's gemstone trade

Illegally traded emeralds account for about 40 percent of the country's output, said the Zambian deputy finance minister in a recent media interview

8.77-carat intense pink diamond headlines Christie's New York sale in October

Another item that is likely to draw interest is a sapphire and diamond flag brooch, which formerly was the property of the Argentine first lady, Eva Peron 

Princess Diana's sapphire jewelry on display in soon-to-be-released movie
The French jeweler Chopard was selected as the official jeweler of Diana, and the company has revealed several of the items that are worn in the movie


All lots sold at Gemfield's rough emerald auction in Zambia  
Among the stones sold was a 2,000-carat emerald, which was purchased by Israeli emerald manufacturer Gemstar.  The exact price paid for the item was not revealed.


Malawi's artisanal gemstone miners struggle to improve income from local production  

Miners sell rough for about $30 a ton, which is later sold on the open market for $19,725 per ton, according to a group that is associated with the United Nations.  



British designer produces gem-set jewelry collection worthy of finest vintage Champagne

To celebrate the market debut of Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2002, Stephen Webster released the Dark Jewel collection, featuring rubellite, sapphires and diamonds. 



55-carat champagne colored diamond once part of the mysterious Russian crown jewels 

The country's new communist rulers were split about what to do with the jewels, even though they were in dire need of money. 


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