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Online and On-Site Gem Color Grading Courses for Gemstones and Fancy Colored Diamonds.



"I hope your innovation in launching such kind of a course will go a long way ... within the industry that can set standards in having a uniform understanding of gems. I salute Gemewizard in coming up with this course ..." Colored Stones Grading Course Graduate

Learn the essence of gemstones and fancy colored diamonds grading and pricing with extensive online gem exercises, to bridge the gap between the academic gemological world and the practical gem and jewelry trade and dramatically shorten training time in becoming a trade professional.

The The unique Colored Diamonds Grading Course reveals the world of fancy colored diamonds, covering:

The The art of colored diamond color grading using Gemewizard's carousel of digital color masters.

Definitions, commercial names and grading principles of colored diamonds and their affect on their value.

The The Colored Stones Grading Course encompasses a wide range of gem varieties and species, covering:

Definitions and grading guidelines of gemstone attributes and their affect on the gem's price in the world trade.

The effect of other factors, such as country of origin, commercial names, treatments, etc. on the grading and pricing of gems.

The Colored Stones Grading Course is in association with Gem A. For more information and enrolment please contact Gem A

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