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A polished, marketed by Milenyum Mining as Csarite™.

  Turkish mining company donates color changing Csarite™ gems to GIA museum

October 2, 2014

Milenyum Mining Limited, the Turkish company that is the world's only producer of gem-quality diaspore, which it markets under the trade name Csarite™, has donated two exceptional specimens to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) museum in Carlsbad, California.

Also known as Turkish diaspore, Csarite™ is a natural color change gemstone that is found at only one source deep in the Anatolia Mountains of Turkey. Along with gibbsite and boehmite, diaspore is a major component of the aluminium ore bauxite, of which Milenyum Mining is a major producer

The 37.29-carat oval cut Csarite™ and an especially large 115.57-carat cabochon gem that also exhibits chatoyancy, otherwise known as the cat's eye effect, as well as a collection of 30 additional Csarite™ gemstones, in a variety of sizes, shapes and cuts were given to the GIA museum.

"Only about 40 to 50 percent of the rough material is suitable enough to be considered for faceting," explained Murat Akgun, the president of Milenyum Mining. "Of that amount, 98 percent is lost in the cutting process. GIA's appreciation for fine, rare gemstones makes it an especially appropriate home for these gems."

When viewed under natural or fluorescent lighting color-changing diaspores display light yellowish-green colors, and in incandescent or candlelight they display light pinkish-orange to raspberry-red colors.

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