As owners of the EGL gemological laboratory and the GIPS (later known as EGC) gemological school, Menahem Sevdermish and Avi Meirom set out in the early 1990s on a journey that would later lead to the establishment of Gemewizard and its ground-breaking technologies.


An extensive research on non-digital methods of Color Grading and Color Masters was conducted with the support of the lab’s infrastructure.


A major breakthrough in the research occurred, when the insight of creating a digital-based color grading system combined with the power of the growingly popular Internet took root, and the core program of a color grading system began to take shape.


A strategic partnership with Stuller, Inc., one of the world’s largest distributors of gemstones and jewelry, was established. This partnership allowed access to Stuller’s vast gem inventories, thus enabling the mass data analysis of gems.


The GemeSquare™ system was first presented at the ICA congress to trade members, as well as potential applications of the technology (color communication, gem marketplace, etc.) This was also the first time that it was exposed to attending Gemological Institute of America (GIA) officials.


After an intensive 2-year research and fine-tuning process conducted together with several GIA departments, the GIA announced the endorsement of the GemeSquare™ for educational purposes. Since then, in the following years, over 10,000 GIA students were schooled on Gemewizard’s ground-breaking system.


Gemewizard’s Sampler application was introduced, following the need to keep digital records of the Gemewizard color images for future references. The Sampler proved to be an essential tool, where a gem image could be uploaded and automatically analyzed and matched with the closest Gemewizard color. The gem’s average color, main color components and color DNA are presented, creating a truly amazing color communication tool.


The introduction of GemePro™, Gemewizard’s most comprehensive color analysis, grading and communication system for professional trade members occurred during this year. Since its debut, GemePro™ was adopted and used intensively by major companies around the world.


GemePrice™, the world’s first online pricing system for gemstones, was launched. Gemewizard’s precise color search capabilities enabled big data analysis of hundreds of websites and hundreds of thousands of gemstones to determine actual pricing of gemstones based on the prices of gems being offered for sale online at any given time.


Signed an agreement with the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) to establish a marketplace for its members, based on Gemewizard’s color technologies.

Collaboration with the Instituto Gemológico Español (IGE), the world's largest Spanish-speaking gemological institute, to provide courses to gemologists and appraisers using Gemewizard's suite of tools for students.


GemePrice™ 3.0, the most comprehensive pricing system for Diamonds, Fancy Colored Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry, was launched.


Developed solutions for big data analysis, to gain insights of color and gem trends and discover oddities in listings as part of a pilot project with a major online marketplace company.


An agreement with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) was reached, where Gemewizard would establish a unique online Colored Stones Grading Course for Gem-A for its students, based on Gemewizard’s technologies.

  • A stand-alone online course encompassing a wide range of gem varieties and species, where students actually learn about the effects various gem attributes have on their prices and perform online exercises using gemstone images and physical exercises using a gemstone set for color grading of gems.
  • A concise course that covers only the major gemstones (ruby, sapphire and emerald) is now part of the Gem-A’s Gemmology Diploma course curriculum and is given to every participating student.

Developed and provided the taxonomy and descriptor attributed for the Loose Gemstones category for a major online marketplace company, in 5 languages for 7 countries.


Performed a successful Fraud Detection pilot project for a major online marketplace company, detecting oddities in gemstone listings and detecting problematic sellers.

Introduced Gemewizard online apps – MyGemewizard and GemePrice.


An ongoing successful Fraud Detection project for a major online marketplace company, detecting oddities in gemstone listings and detecting problematic sellers.


Establishment of GWLAB, Gemewizard’s gemological laboratory, the first ever gemological laboratory chain to use Gemewizard’s technologies as an essential part of its testing process.