Gemewizard has always considered education to be one of its top priorities. It was true in the early years, when the Gemological Institue of America (GIA®) endorsed the GemeSquare™ in 2006 and incorporated it into its curriculum, after a long collaboration process to define the exact color grades, and it is truer today with development and introduction of our comprehensive online color grading courses. In fact, since the endorsement of the GIA®, over 10,000 GIA® students have studied the Gemewizard tools.

Since 2010, Gemewizard has an ongoing collaboration with the Instituto Gemológico Español (IGE), the world's largest Spanish-speaking gemological institute, to provide courses to gemologists and appraisers using Gemewizard's suite of tools for students.

In 2014, Gemewizard signed an agreement with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) to incorporate its newly developed online Colored Stones Grading Course into its course prospectus - a stand-alone online course encompassing a wide range of gem varieties; and a concise chapter that is entered into Gem-A's Gemmology Diploma course curriculum. 

This course is the testimony of Gemewizard's continuous efforts to innovate. It is the most comprehensive online course for gemstone color grading and it is continuously updated with new market trends and pricing information. In addition to the Colored Stones Grading course, Gemewizard developed the Colored Diamonds Grading Course, a unique and unparalled course for fancy colored diamonds. Both courses combine virtual lessons, accompanied by videos and printed material, with practical exercises, using digital and non-digital grading tools on actual gem samples. These courses are also offered by our school, the GW College, also known as the Gem Color Academy. 

Gem education is not limited only to the official courses that we provide. We have made sure that information and videos on gems are available to anyone who is interested, so feel free to go ahead and enjoy them!

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