For Buyers

Buyers require the capability to document gems-of-interest they come across during their buying trips with all their details; to communicate the details of the gems-of-interest to colleagues as well as color; to search for gems of a specific color range; and to access pricing information to verify the prices they are paying for the gems.

All these capabilities are realized by the following Gemewizard’s products and services:

  • MyGemewizard App – A free mobile App that enables users to document and save all details of a gem-of-interest, including image, color analysis, gem properties, asking price, venue and seller contact details, and communicate them to colleagues. It also enables the user to find the market’s price of a similar gem for comparison (for a fee).
  • GemePrice™, to obtain up-to-date pricing information of colored diamonds, diamonds, gemstones and jewelry based on actual prices of gems on sale in the Internet at any given time, from anywhere in the world, available both as an online application and as a mobile App.
  • GemeSquare™ App – A color communication tool that includes the Color Converter, a feature that converts between different color standards, to enable cross-industry color searches.