Gemewizard Inside

Gemewizard Inside offers businesses to take pieces of Gemewizard's tools and capabilites that are relevant to their operations and integrate them within the companies' business software platforms using API.

Gemewizard's color communication products and tools are truly groundbreaking and can transform the way businesses operate, helping to streamline their internal operations, as well as their interactions with their customers. The essence of Gemewizard Inside is to provide businesses with the possibilty not only to use Gemewizard's stand-alone products within the organization, but also the capability to incorporate Gemewizard's tools within the business software platforms, and tailoring them to the exact business requirements.

Following are some of the Gemewizard Inside services that are offered. Of course, many more possibilities are available and can be tailored to each organization's needs. So, feel free to contact us for more information. 

Color Image HTML Code Generator for Online Items for Sale

Are you selling your gems online? Are you posting them on your website or in a general marketplace? Then, you are probably familiar with the following issue.

The uploaded item's image in your listing may not show the exact color of your gem, as it depends on the quality of the camera, the lighting conditions and even the professionalism of the photographer. This may sometimes cause your customer some disappointment after the purchase of an item, as the color of the gem he received was not the color he saw in your listing. This may also lead to more extreme measures, such as the return of the gem by the customer and the cancellation of the sale.

Now you can add a Gemewizard color image and code into the html of your listing that depicts the actual color of your gem item, creating a What-You-See-is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) experience for your potential buyers.

The Gemewizard color image attached to the item acts as your commitment to the buyer of your gem's color. This would be the exact color that your customer would receive, regardless of the actual gem’s image quality displayed in the website. No Surprises. No Disappointments. WYSIWYG!

Simply upload a bulk of your gem images or a list of links to the images and let the software do its magic. It automatically analyses the images and determes their Gemewizard colors. As the owner of the gems, you could tweak each color to match the exact color of the gems and once all the colors are approved, the application simply generates html codes together withe the color image that could be easily incorporated in the html code of your website or listing. It is really that simple!

Color Search Engine in your Website

Do you have many listed gem and jewelry items in your website?

If you do, then you probably know that it may sometimes be tedious for customers to browse through your listings, even when they are sub-divided into gem types or filtered by color, to locate the precise gem item they are looking for. A single gem type may include a variety of different colors colors and filtering according to color (e.g. blue) may result in a wide range of shades of the selected hue. The browsing process may take minutes, and sometimes this is too long to retain the potential customer's interest in your website, resulting in the loss of a potential sale.

Now you can incorporate Gemewizard's color search engine into your website using API and provide your customers with precisely what they are looking for in minimal time.

Gemewizard's color search engine is unique and incorporates GemeSquare™, Gemewizard's groundbreaking square of colors, within. It is a very efficient search engine. When one defines a gem type, it shows all the possible colors available in the selected gem type, and allows the customer to drill down and select the precise color s/he is interested in. The filtered results first includes all the colors that correspond or are the closest to the selected color, and listing other shades later in the list, matching the customer's needs. When one searches for a specific color, without a gem type, the search engine notifies the customer, which gem types include the color of interest, and enables the customer to choose a specific gem type, or list all gems of that particular color. 

You only have a limited time to capture your customer's interest. By incorporating Gemewizard's color search engine into your website, you ensure that your customers receive the right items in the first search, increasing the potential sale of your items. 

The color search engine can also be tailored to the specific gem types you carry in your inventory and also to the specific color grades that are typical in your organization. For more information, contact us.

Color Mapping and Standardization Services for Enterprises

Do you deal in many different gem types? Do you carry a variety of color grades for each gem type? Do you buy your gems from suppliers or get them from your own manufacturing facilities? If you do, then you definitely are aware of the operational complexities involved in terms of color management.

How do you communicate to your buyers, which shades of a specific gem type to buy and which to avoid? If you define your own commercial names and color grades, how do you define the color borders for each one and keep them standardized within your organization to all your stakeholders? How do you minimize returns of goods to your suppliers or from your customers due to color mismatches? Do you run statistics on your sales and inventory to gain insights based on color, e.g. to identify which colors you have in you inventory at any moment, to see seasonal color trends in sales, etc.?

Gemewizard has many tools and applications, which are designed to streamline and standardize all color-based processes and decisions within an organization. These tools are tailored specifically to the business needs of the organization. Following are some of the options of these service. For other services you may need or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Enterprise-wide color standardization
    Gemewizard provides the tools to define the organization's entire world of color, with all the definitions, color rulers and masters, rejected colors, organization-specific color grade names, etc., for each gemstone type. It enables the organization to assign various color shades to the same color grade and to define borders between the different grades. This actually standardizes the color language of the entire organization, both internally, within the organization's employees and business processes, and externally, with its suppliers and customers. It enables the entire organization to communicate color with ease, maximizing accuracy, while minimizing returns, by using a standardized color language.

  2. Color grading for inventory
    Add color grades to your inventory listings to enable color management and color-based statistics. Simply upload bulks of gemstone images or a list of links to the images for automatic color analysis to categorize them into your color grades and generate the color grade and color image data for your organization'sinventory management system. If required, each analyzed color can be manually tweaked to the exact gemstone color.
  3. Mobile application
    This customized mobile application would include the organization's entire world of color and make it available to the organization's stakeholders, including buyers, on their mobile devices. This app enables them to determine on the spot, which colors meet the companies requirements and which do not. They are able to photograph an item for color analysis to determine its grade, and send these records to the headquarters for approval. They are able to receive instructions as to which colors to buy and which to avoid on various gemstones from the headquarters and they would be able to keep records of all the items of interest for later review, including much more capbilities.