Since its establishment in 1974, the GWLAB laboratory (formerly G.I.P.S. and E.G.C.) has aimed to be among the leading researchers in the fields of gems and gemology. As such, the laboratory team led by Menahem Sevdermish, FGA D. Litt., has been conducting researches and investigations covering a wide variety of issues, some of which were later published by the world-renowned industry-related magazines.

Below are some of the researches and articles issued by or with the assistance of the GWLAB team:

 2003 to Present - Gemewizard – Digital gem color communication system
Gemewizard® is a pioneer in the development of software and hardware that provides solutions for professionals involved in the colored gemstone, fancy color diamond and jewelry industries, enabling the analysis, description and communication of color in gems. Using the extensive data accumulated by G.I.P.S. team (headed by M. Sevdermish), initial tests were conducted to verify the colors of gems. A major breakthrough in the research occurred in 1998 when the core program of a color grading system began to take shape. The suite of products developed by Gemewizard® is founded on the company’s groundbreaking color communication system called GemeSquare™. Users can accurately describe a gem’s color, and then communicate that information to other users, as well as to gemstone professionals who are not Gemewizard® users. The system has been endorsed by GIA® Education, and since 2006 has been incorporated into the GIA® curriculum.
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Gemewizard - Communicating Colors in a Universal Language
By Albert Robinson / Incolor Vol. 22 Spring 2013

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Gem News International: Gemewizard™ Gem Communication and Trading Software
By Thomas Overton and Brendan Laurs / Gems & Gemology Vol. 39 Spring 2003

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Gem-A Conference 2009: Gem Wiz
Gem-A Conference 2009 report / Gems & Jewellery Spring 2010 Vol. 19 No. 1

2010 - Visual characteristics of synthetic quartz as an aid for identification
An article providing ‘suspicious indicators’ to identify quartz stones of possible synthetic origin, by using the unaided eye, microscope, polariscope and infrared spectra.
Download article By Guy Borenstein / The Valuer Apr-Jun 2010
2001 - Fashioning the “Green King of Africa” Tsavorite
A short article, by Menahem Sevdermish, on the planning and processing of the world record price-breaker tsavorite gem.
Download article By Menahem Sevdermish / Gems & Gemology Vol. 37 Spring 2001
1998 - The Rise to Prominence of the Modern Diamond Cutting Industry in India
An article reviewing the rise of the modern diamond cutting industry in India and its impact on the world diamond trade.
Download article By Menahem Sevdermish, Alan R. Miciak, and Alfred A. Levinson / Gems & Gemology Vol. 34 Spring 1998
1998 - The Diamond Pipeline into the Third Millennium: A Multi-channel System from the Mine to the Consumer
An analysis of the new diamond marketing channels in the world diamond trade.
Download article By Menahem Sevdermish, Alan R. Miciak, and Alfred A. Levinson / Geoscience Canada Volume 25, No. 2, 1998
1996 - The dealer's book of gems and diamonds – book review
Menahem Sevdermish's 2-volume book reviewed by former GIA president and one of the world legendary gemologists.
Download article By Richard T. Liddicoat / Gems & Gemology Vol. 32 Fall 1996

GWLAB's on-going researches:

  • Digital color analysis techniques

  • Colored diamonds color boundaries

  • Gems pricing

  • Color properties of fancy colored tanzanite gems