For Marketplaces

Marketplaces offer sellers an online platform to upload their items for sale and visibility to a large number of potential customers around the world, while offering buyers the opportunity to locate their items of interest from an abundance of different sellers and select the appropriate item at a great price. While this may seem like an ideal marriage made in heaven for buyers and sellers alike, marketplaces do suffer from some major problems that cause the system admins to lose sleep over them.

Marketplaces in the gems and jewelry category are no exception. The number of different gem types and their corresponding attributes, the infinite possibilities of jewelry mountings and gem combinations, etc., result in an unorganized, non-standardized description of gem items. Sellers have near complete freedom to use different professional terms to describe treatments of synthetics, sometimes with the intent to mislead the non-educated buyers. Some sellers do not have full disclosure of their items and tend to bury problems and faults in the small print within the item’s page. Buyers and sellers alike sometimes do not have the tools to determine whether the offered price is reasonable or too high or even suspiciously low. The items’ images are sometimes unclear so customers receiving their purchased items are at times disappointed in the item, as they do not resemble the photographed image. These are just a handful of potential issues.

Gemewizard products and services offer solutions for marketplaces that enable marketplaces to offer their sellers and buyers tools to enhance their experience and create a WYSIWYG experience, and for system admins to detect oddities in gem items’ listings to detect and prevent fraud. These include:

  • Gem & Jewelry Taxonomy Consultancy – Help determine the correct taxonomy in multiple languages for the various gems and jewelry to standardize the language used in these categories. A similar multi-lingual project was performed for a major marketplace provider for its Gemstones category.
  • GemColorGuru™ - A tool for sellers to determine and add gem color images to their items to provide a WYSIWYG experience for the buyers. The color image acts as the commitment of the company to the gem’s color adding a level of reliability. Additionally, a gem color search engine can be added for a precise color search of gems.
  • GemPriceGuru™ – A tool that can be offered to buyers to check the price of an item to verify whether the asking price by the seller is reasonable.
  • Oddities Detection – A service offered to marketplaces’ system admins or to marketplace regulators that scans uploaded gem and jewelry items and automatically analyzes their web pages to discover oddities, enhance disclosure of the gem items’ details, detect and prevent fraud.