World leaders from all across the gem industry (academic and commercial) are seeing GemeWizard as a world standard and avant-garde in the color gem industry. Those world acclaimed leaders describe Gemewizard, its color communication system and its inventor using expressions such as: "Game Changing", "World standard", "Genius", "Revolutionary", "Exceptional platform", "Huge growth for the industry", "International acceptance", "This system succeeds where other methods have failed".

Below are some of the quotes and testimonials given by gem and jewelry industry leaders:


"The adoption by the trade of the Gemewizard system for fancy colored diamonds and for colored gemstones will improve the level and quality of communications among trading partners…In addition, as the Gemewizard system creates more transparency, this tool will help increase consumer confidence in the products we sell. The trade will definitely benefit from the adoption of the Gemewizard system."
Shmuel Schnitzer, Lifelong Honorary President, Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDE) & the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)


“The Gemewizard software is without doubt revolutionary in the diamond and coloured gemstone industry…Clearly Gemewizard has developed a cutting edge tool which has to date and will have into the future tremendous applications. The greatest impact of this will be to build trust, transparency and confidence in our industry as a whole."
Rami Baron, President - Diamond Dealers Club of Australia


"…I know of no other person or program that has the years of experience and proven vetting that has come with Gemewizard. The creative uses of the system in many different applications: education, training, buying, selling, trading, internet communication, and overall color communication, make it a highly desirable product… the gemstone industry could benefit highly from Gemewizard and the creative genius of Menahem Sevdermish and his highly respected team."
Bill Boyajian, Former GIA president


"Since the GIA endorsed it in 2005, Gemewizard became the digital color of the trade, is extensively used all over the world, and has revolutionized how color is taught, communicated, and traded especially in these days of the Internet. I believe it should and will become the world standard for online gem color communication…students and gemologists were able to assess the color and agree on the hue within less than 30 seconds, a process which would have taken them to perform, using the traditional tools, many minutes. Since then, over 10000 students have used it successfully the world over."
Andrew Lucas, GIA Education


"We are also finding the system very useful for communicating color with our branches and customers alike. Our customers feel that they are better informed of the color, and as a result we have less returns…I had the opportunity to experience the Gemewizard trading platform in its beta stage, and found it to be a potentially game changing technology for online gem trading."
Joseph Orlando, Director of Gemstones, Quality Gold, Inc.


"Exceptional platform for internet sales of colored diamonds"
Leibish Polnauer, Owner, Leibish & Co.


"This could be a huge area of growth for the colored gemstone industry. Those in the industry that believe in improving the customer experience that will give the customer the confidence to buy color gems like they do diamonds… This will benefit the seller and the buyer."
Marc Sarosi, Africa Gems


“The next generation of color description"
Helmut Koenig


"Your software is the same as a gemstone to us..."


"Excellent product that provides an excellent tool for such a complex task as grading coloured gemstones!!!"
Sue Pennington


"Gemewizard® is a new color-communication system that provides a very comprehensive computerized system using digital imaging to match and describe the color of a particular stone. In addition to matching color, it also incorporates clarity, size, and cutting factors into a pricing matrix. This system provides the capability to more closely and accurately match and describe color in many stones for which other systems have failed, and it may well succeed in finding international acceptance"
Antoinette Matlins, worldwide recognized Gemologist, Member of the Board of the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA)


"Some days ago we received the license for the trial on-line version of GemePrice, and we were really wondered for the possibilities of the program, both for color grading and for appraisal of colored gemstones. It seems to be a very important advance in color stone grading, really great work, congratulations!"
Dr. Egor Gavrilenko, Director of Education, Instituto Gemologico Espanol


“ I hope your innovation in launching such kind of a coloured stone grading course will go a long way in addressing the challenges in coming up with a universal nomenclature of grading coloured stones within the industry that can set standards in having a uniform understanding of gems . I salute Gemewizard in coming up with this course ...”
Clever Sithole, Zimbabwe


"I experienced GemePrice firsthand and I must compliment your efforts. This is one of the best things to happen the gems and jewelry industry. The quality of work and the results are top notch."
Nilesh Jain, Manibhadra Gems


"The Gem Acquisition team has become very reliant on GemePro and is concerned about the possibility of being without it for any period of time”
World Leading Retail Firm


"I think that you offer an exceptionally good tool for people in our industry! Congratulations!"
Caroline Mergalet, Gem' Expertise


"I currently am starting up a jewelry valuation business and think your system will be invaluable."
Jill Towers, President of the Gemmological Association of New Zealand


"As an appraiser, I will gladly put GemePrice to use as one of my evaluation tools."
Randy Caverly, AppraisalsinPerson.com


"I really like using the program!"
David Atlas, D. Atlas Co. Inc.


"I love the software!"
Robert Lowery, TCI


"We are also finding the system very useful for communicating color with our branches and customers alike. Our customers feel that they are better informed of the color, and as a result we have less returns…"
Top Gem Manufacturer